We believe that a healthy spiritual life is the most important thing for a teenager’s long term success.

We recognize that there are a lot of barriers that prevent a teenager’s ability to have a high quality spiritual life. Self-doubt, regrets, identity questions, hidden pain, fear, depression - all of these can be crippling forces in their young lives. When these barriers are left intact, they stunt a student’s ability to grow into a spiritually healthy and stable adult.

In order to break free from these deep-rooted issues, there needs to be an encounter with the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

WKND is that encounter.

WKND is a three day event that takes place from Friday March 1st until the morning of Sunday March 3rd. It is specifically designed to help 6th-12th graders experience a new dynamic in their walk with God while breaking free from the things that are holding them back from succeeding in life. We do this by coupling together meaningful interactions with small group leaders and peers, and engaging in several worship services.

Through discipling students deeply, and having fun together we believe that these harmful barriers are gradually replaced with God’s joy and peace.

We can’t wait to see you there.



$99 through January 30th

$119 through February 13th

$129 through February 27th

Online sign ups are open through February 27th. After that we will accept walk-ons at the door at 6:00pm on March 1st. Please visit our FAQ page with any questions or fill out the contact form below.


  • When is WKND?

    • WKND will take place from the evening of Friday, March 1st until the morning of Sunday, March 3rd. Full details of time and location are located on the registration form

  • Do I have to register online?

    • Yes, all registration is taking place online this year. If you do not want to pay with a credit/debit card, select "pay with cash" and you will be able to pay the admission cost at check-in. Please note that students MUST pay their registration cost in full before they will be allowed to attend WKND.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    • The students will be sleeping at the Hampton Campus Allison Park Church. There will be specific and isolated sleeping areas for each gender. Each sleeping area will be staffed with multiple adult chaperones. We strictly enforce the rule that nobody is permitted in the sleeping quarters of the opposite gender.

  • What do the students need to bring?

    • The students will need: Toiletries, Towels, Air mattress/Sleeping bag (no larger than twin size), Blanket, Pillow, Clothes for 3 days (extra clothing is encouraged), Athletic clothing

  • Will beds be provided?

    • No. Students are asked to bring a pillow and some sort of sleeping bag or air mattress.

  • Will showers be provided?

    • Yes. 

  • Are cell phones allowed?

    • Cellphones are allowed, but strongly discouraged. We realize the importance of having a cellphone available in case of emergency, but we also realize that cellphones can distract from what God wants to do during this weekend.

  • Should students bring money?

    • Students won’t need personal money during WKND but are welcome to bring money at their own risk of losing it.

  • What about students who drive?

    • Students are permitted to drive to WKND. However, all students who drive are asked to submit their keys. This prevents students from leaving unexpectedly, helping all adult chaperones to account for every student and avoid any liability.

  • What if a student needs to leave at some point during the week?

    • Since so much will be happening during the 3 days of WKND , we encourage all students to make being at WKND for its entirety the highest priority. However, if a student needs to leave for a prior obligation, they will be permitted to leave and return (PLEASE INDICATE THE NEED TO LEAVE WHEN YOU REGISTER). Students under 18 must have an adult sign them out and back in.

  • What does WKND's admission cost cover?

    • The admission covers the cost of food and activities for the weekend.

  • Will there be chaperones?

    • Yes. A team of trained adults will be at WKND to ensure the safety of every student.

  • What if my student has allergies?

    • Make sure to list all relevant allergies on the registration form.

  • What if my student has medication?

    • Any medications will need to be turned in to the onsite nurse at registration to be administered throughout the weekend.

  • Still have unanswered questions?

    • Contact Pastor Dave (davel@allisonparkchurch.com) or Pastor Gilbert (gilberta@allisonparkchurch.com)

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